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Be the 2024 K-creators!

  • Are there any restrictions based on nationality, language or residency?
    None at all. The 2024 Korean Culture Content Creators welcome anyone across the globe who loves Korean culture.
  • What are the conditions to apply?
    Anyone with an interest in or understanding of Korea, enthusiastic passion for things Korean and willingness to create related content is welcome.
  • Can I apply to both programs?
    Yes, you can apply to both programs. Each offers unique activities, so choose the one you're most confident in.
  • What is a K-influencer?
    K-influencers produce video content about Korea on YouTube. MCST seeks to support the next generation of global influencers by providing training, workshops and missions related to shooting and editing content on Korean culture.
  • Can I apply despite having a newly launched channel with just a few subscribers?
    The selection process is not affected by the number of subscribers but having a YouTube channel is mandatory. You can also create a new channel when you apply.
  • Is a channel run by two or more people eligible?
    Yes. For a channel run by two or more people, just one of them needs to submit the application.
  • What benefits do selected K-influencers get?
    Each K-influencer receives a letter of appointment from the Korean government, along with support and training to develop their YouTube channels, and the chance to participate in online and offline events with other Korean culture creators.
  • What is an Honorary Reporter?
    An Honorary Reporter is for those passionate about promoting Korean culture globally through articles and photo news on, a multilingual platform by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST). We offer workshops, networking, and missions to support your growth in sharing Korea's news worldwide.
  • What activities does the Honorary Reporters program offer?
    Events | Honorary Reporters can take part in online and offline events hosted by the MCST and related organizations. Contests | Honorary Reporters can show their creative sides to raise understanding of Korea through seasonal contests. Workshops and Training | provides workshops and training based on the activities and capabilities of each individual to boost the content development know-how of Honorary Reporters.
  • In what language can I write articles?
    Honorary Reporters can write articles in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.
  • Is content published as articles only?
    No. Content can be created in other formats, such as photos, illustrations and cartoons. Just be active in a field you are confident in.
  • What benefits does an Honorary Reporter get?
    - Letter of appointment from the Korean government - Small honorarium for superior work - Small gifts for works deemed outstanding - Chance to take part in programs related to Korean culture - Higher interactions with friends worldwide who are also interested in Korea through the Honorary Reporters’ global family.
  • What benefits do outstanding participants get?
    Those who consistently produce excellent work receive awards at the end of the year. The grand prize winners each earn a trip to Korea.
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